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10.4.6 working but 10.5.2 not


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I was able to get 10.4.6 working fine but not 10.5.1 or 2 or 4. They install fine but when it gets to the BOOT: prompt and you hit ENTER, a few lines of text scroll by and then it reboots, done this many times. I am installing on a HFS+ partition.


I have a homebuilt PC


MB - ECS L4VXA2 with a P4/Celeron 2.6 GHz

Vid - ATI RADEON 9200SE/128MB

HD - Seagate 80GB PATA

NIC - Intel Pro 100

SND - Turtle Beach/Riviera


All the above works with 10.4.6 except the sound card


Any ideas?




Also, don't know if this helps, but after upgrading online my install of 10.4.6 (which was working perfectly), to 10.4.11, it also will continuously reboot

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