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Few weird problems after getting it to install


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I installed OSX yesterday, no problems, easy ride. Bluetooth, USB, Sound, 1024x600 working beautifully.


I encountered few weird problems

-- internal mic is picking up weird noise from pc speaker just like explained here:


On my computer it sounds like cappuchino machine each time the ssd runs for a prolonged time

any way to disable that on Mac? I looked in the bios but I haven't found anything.

-- I was going to use the machine for work so I installed Office 2008, besides being buggy

it shows a lot graphic artifacts like square blocks. Any fix for that?

-- I attached few external monitors and I have to tell you that it looks out of focus on all of them even when I use sharpen on Samsung. On the 8.9 lcd screen looks crisp but on the external looks like {censored} especially around the edges. I tried both monitors

with 1920x1200 and 1650x1080.



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