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'Still waiting for root device' problem


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Today I've installed Mac OS X ideneb 10.5.5 on a partition I've created on an external hard drive (connected using USB). The installation went well, and so I try to boot through the external hard drive, but it doesn't work (just hangs there with a black screen for a couple of seconds), so instead the computer tries to boot through the installation DVD. I've installed the mac on disc1s2 (the second partition on the external hard drive) so in the installation disc's advanced options screen I type "-v rd=disc1s2". It starts to load files and stuff... but after a while it gets stuck and writes:

"Still waiting for root device"



What is that? Is there any way to fix it?



My computer is:

Intel Dou-2 Core 6300 (1.86GHz X 2)

Asus P5B-V motherboard

Geforce 8800-GTS

2GB of RAM




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