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[How To] Create a Backup partition and backup entire OS on Tiger!


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Hello! This is my first guide so I'm open to criticism!


To Start Off:

First off, you need to download a free program called SuperDuper!, just google it and install it.

Secondly, you need a partition editor like GParted, or, you can partition ahead of time with the installer if you haven't installed yet.

Finally, make sure you have your OS X Tiger install disc (On PC you need your cracked one) or any OS X install disc that properly boots into the installer. (We won't be deleting or installing anything with it)


Step 1: (skip if you previously partitioned your HD with installer)

Using the partition editor of your choice (mines GParted) insert the live cd and boot from it. I'm going to assume we all know how to do that!


Using the editor create a new partition of whatever size you see fit (I used 10GB) and create an NTFS partition (unless your editor supports creating hfs+ partitions, in which case skip step 2) and make sure your OS X partition is flagged as boot, or it won't work.


Restart your computer.


Step 2: (skip if you skipped step one, or if you were able to create an hfs+ partition)

Insert you install disc and restart your computer, boot from your install disc.


Once there, choose your language and continue. Once the bar at the top shows up, go to utilities, then DiskUtility.


Once that loads, select the partition you set aside for your Backup and click erase, change the format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click erase.


Once that is done, restart your computer.


IMPORTANT: If it dosent boot into OS X, insert your partition editor disc and fix the boot flags so your main partition is bootable!


Step 3: (For Everyone!)

Start up SuperDuper!


The rest is pretty much straight forward, in the first drop down menu, select your OS X HD, and in the second select your backup partition. Below that where it says using, select Backup - all files


Click copy now.


Once it is complete, you have a bootable backup partition, if anything ever goes wrong you can boot from it and restore your computer to exctly how it was when you last backed it up. Pretty nifty eh?


I hope someone found this usefull in some way.

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