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oh oh, think it's game over


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I have done a few posts recently saying how i am having trouble erasing my hard disk,


now i have have done some investigating,


my spec is

asus p5n-e SLI

quad core intel processor

i have two Nvidia 8600gt graphic cards,

4gb ram

750 gb sata hdd,

ide dvd rw/r

ide dvd reader


this spec, by my research, seems the worst possible to install kalyway leopard, as it seems to have an nforce chipset giving it the SLI option.


should i give up now?? or is there anyone who can give me an idea of what to do??


i always get to the point of erasing my hdd and a message saying input/output error always pops up.

when trying to erase a usb partition, i get invalid argument error.




:(:(:(:(:(:(:blink::blink::blink::blink: :censored2:

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