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Very Complicated Situation please help!


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The history is very long and very tired.

Here is the issue as it currently stands....

After many failed installation attempts, trying to partition with terminal (knowing very little except of a command called fdisk-and getting this annoying permission denied line every single time i try to do anything)) and an external HD getting knocked on the floor....

The machine is a Dell M2010, the 21 inch Mother of a "Laptop"

we have gotten Leo4All V3 installed on the seagate external HD (usb2-300ish GB) and can boot from it.

the internal drive on the laptop wont mount in disk utility booted off the dvd or the Seagate so we cannot format and partition and install on it.

We have a MBP and data rescue 2 and DiskWarrior to help fix it maybe? I think i have something called spindisk too but ive never used it.

If it were already a mac i'd just use target disk mode and disk warrior, but alas, it is a broken PC with no OS and apparently no HD.(and no FW400:-( )

can anyone help?

Ps we have been working on this for a week and are going insane(lymac)!! hahahahhaa


as you can see we are clinically insane now with this issue.



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can someone please help?

or recommend a version good for this hardware?

ATI mobility 1800

Intel mobility 975

Duo Core centrino

STAC92XX Analog Duplex

Intel pro wireless 3945

Broadcom NETxtreme bcm5753

please help...completley dead useless giant laptop

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