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Apps Won't Quit, Restart Doesn't Work, Internet Goes Out


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Okay, here are my issues...


1) Applications will just randomly freeze for no apparent reason, but my computer will run fine. I can't seem to close the app, or restart/shutdown the computer because the apps wont' quit. They don't "Force Quit" either.


2) Restart doesn't work. That's just pretty much the just of it. Shutdown and Sleep work fine, but restart will just hang...


3) Sometimes, when I boot up my computer (which most of the time I put my computer to sleep as for this not to happen) my internet will just drop. I'll usually have to shutdown, then boot-up again (because restart doesn't work) and hope that my internet will come back on. I might have to do this about 2-3 times.


I would appreciate it if someone would mind to lend some advice on what might be causing one, or all, of these errors with my Hackintosh.

Thanks in advance, Darrrious

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