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[Help] How to easily build or buy a hackintosh?


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Hi, I own many computers and I have been unsuccessful getting any to install and load Leopard properly. I have a dell optiplex gx620 sff, a dell dimension 2400, a dimension 8400, and a toshiba satellite (which is 5 years old). I got tiger working on the optiplex about 2 years ago, but I had to keep the DVD in the drive so I removed my installation.

I would like a macintosh because I want to be able to use the iPhone SDK, and I want to be able to sync my iphone notes, but I dont want to pay $1099 for the Macbook. I am wondering what the least expensive laptop is that will still run leopard 10.5.5 efficiently. A desktop would be OK, but not prefered.

Does anyone have any ideas?





Also, If anyone has any sure-fire methods that will work on any desktops that I currently own please let me know. Just because I havent been successful doesnt mean it doenst work, it might just mean that I'm doing it wrong.

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