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Cannot recognize Harddisk in Disk Utilities Ideneb 10.5.5


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I am trying to install ideneb 10.5.5 in HP laptop.it is inilitiolizing and coming to Partition stage (Disk Utilities).But my HD is not recognizing in that to create OSX partition.


So,Can anyone give me solution to it.



AMD Turion 64X2

3gm RAM

HD 160 HD (ST9160821AS ATA Device,ide)

OS;Windows VISTA Premium


I have 3 partition in my HD

C:Primary with NTFS (Factory created)

D:Logical NTFS

F:Primary FAT32 (which i created )


Once i deleted C: and tried to install OSX but it did not work.

Please help me in this.I am trying from long time to install.

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