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query about dual booting with GUID


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im trying to get osx to dual boot with vista.


currently, im using the kalyway 10.5.2 disk, and installing on a GUID partitioned disk.


1st partition is windoze, 2nd and 3rd are for osx.


after much reading, i used this guide to set up a dual boot with darwin.


however, this incurs an hfs+ error booting to osx, and doesnt boot to windows at all.


ive noticed that using GUID, osx creates a number of very small hidden partitions (i can view these in vistas partition manager from another boot, or off a live cd). would i be right in thinking that i need to adjust the flag command to compensate for these extra partitions?


i think that may be the problem but im not sure.

thanks for any help :)

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