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How do i install and change kernel?


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I downloaded two different osx86 releases and finally got iDeneb to work with a new ethernet card.

All works - Audio, Video, Network, USB - except it says it's a single core cpu.


The processor is an Athlon 64x2 3800+

The other version of osx86 I downloaded - Kalyway i think - gave me both cores in the system settings.


How do I install a different kernel to see if I can get both cores working?

And if this messes up, how do go back to the original kernel i'm using?





OK - after *actually searching* a bit more i found someone trying the following:


At boot try - cpus=2 - if this works then -

Open /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/apple.boot.plist (something like that)

under kernel flags you just put the cpus=2 and you are done


I'll try that when I get home after work.

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