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Installing Leopard on ASUS A8N-SLI Premium


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Hi! I tried to install Kalyway on my PC, but I couldn't make it. At half of installation it gave me the same "unknown error, please restart and try again" message.


Kalyway is the best choice for me? Should I trie leo4all?

This are my PC's specs:




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I've downloaded and installed succesfully Leo4All


But when the Computer tries to start Leopard, it gives an error "DISK BOOT FAILURE, PLEASE INSERT...".


I have 2 HD, the first one is a Western Digital with Windows Vista in it (I can start this one with no problem), an the other one is a Seagate in wich I installed Leo4All



Anyone knows which is the problem? How can I solve it?




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Well... I can see thar no one answers me... :)


I've managed to get through my previos problem: I've installed EasyBCD to add my Leopard to the boot, and now I can choose it at the start.


Unfortunaly, Leopard doesn't open. I see a lot of lines of code, and the lasts ones are these:


"dsmos: Initializing...

dsmos: Hook and decryption context set!

dsmos: Starting...

NTFS driver 2.1 [Flags: R/0]"



And then I hear the "Apple song" (The one on Leopard commercial) and it doesn't continue with the startup of Leopard.

Aclaration: The computer doesn't freeze, when I hit Enter or Scape it makes a "Leopard sound".



Please... I could really use some help here.... Thanks...

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