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Disk Utility missing Partition Option


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Hi Chaps


Just recently finished installing a successful attempt of Kalyway 10.5.2. Sourced all my peripheral drivers and got the system running how i want.


One problem however, i want to partition my external usb hdd. But Disk Utility is missing the "Partition" option. i am only presented with "erase, raid" etc.


What's going on???? Was this option left out of the Kalyway build? i have also tried booting from Kalyway disk and consulting Disk Utility there. But it mirrors the installed version.


Help a Noob please!


Also having problems with sleep, pc goes into sleep mode, but then wakes up immediatly without screen turning on. I have searched and seen some see3 + sleep updates, but i have not found a detailed enough tutorial on how to install / play around with "kext" files. To warrant running the risk of breaking the install and starting again.


Cheers all.

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