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Time stamp error in Ical and Mail


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I have a problem I had since my frist install 10.5.1 kalyway.

Now I have made an update to 10.5.5 and still got same problem.


1. All my emails and all my events in iCal get the time stamp 0700 and I cant change it.

Also all my files have "Date modified" [Date of current change] and time stamp 07:00

Anyone know why this is and how I can change it to actually have the current time of modified?


I attatched a print screen jpg for u to see.


2. I have no battey meter.


3. sleep mode wont wake up.


4. I cant find network printers?


5. VGA-out dont work - Is it even possible to get it to work?


6. Very slow start up (after update, I think I added some wrong kext's)


Any help are welcome :)




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