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iPhone Replacement


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My Iphone has a little chip in the lower left corner of the bezel (didn't drop my baby). I am going to the apple store friday to (hopefully) get it and the power adapter replaced. Do you think they will? Are the refurbs worse?

They'll replace it, but it will be with a refurb unless your within 14 days of purchase. your taking a pot shot.... i returned my launch day week 28 phone a few weeks ago for a similar reason (factory defect), in the end i got a week 30 phone that has way better battery life than my original.... however the caveot is that i had to fight to get one with no dead pixels... i returned the refurb i got back that same day, got some lip from the sales guy about how 1 dead pixel wasn't enough to constitute replacing it again... i was clearly not happy but was very polite and patient and told him if that was the case i just wanted my original back. he said that was an even bigger hassle, so one after the other he went back into the white boxes and grabbed me another then another, they all had dead pixels and when i finally got my 5th one that day, it was perfect but i'll tell you what someone told me, you might want to hang on to the one you have if its good, might end up stuck with an iphone that has more problems than the one you have now


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