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Ok so I have burned like 7 different OSX86 isos and have failed to get it to work.

This is what happens:

With my most successful copy of OSX86 it started with the black screen and the text saying Press any key to install or something along those lines. I do so and it goes through a whole bunch of white command lines accross the screen. I wait and the screen goes black and another screen comes up with smaller text that says a lot of stuff including Error Code:0x00000000 and Mac Os Type: Not Specified. Can somone help me.

Here is my PC info:


AMD Athlon XP Socket A (462)

Gigabyte Technology GA-7DXE Motherboard

512 MBytes DDR Memory

These are the basics. I got the information from the CPU-Z program. Thanks. I sure hope I can get this working. I dont really want to have to buy any more hardware, because the hardware I would have to buy would be very expensive.

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