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Post-install booting issues on AMD dell system


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Well the other day I found in the trash a beat up but still working Dell Dimension C521 (more info here)that had an 80Gb SATA drive (and an SATA DVD drive), 512Mb DDR2 ram and an AMD Sempron 3400+ processor (which is 64 bit and supports SSE3).

Well since I have no use for it I decided to load Leopard on it and to make a long story short I now have Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 sitting next to me on a DVD.

Also I would like to advise anyone reading this that I have never worked with Leopard before. My newest mac only runs 9.1 and it is very different from this.

What is happening is that while I can get the installer to complete, I can't go any further after the restart.

Depending on what I specified during the install, either I get the boot splash screen after the reboot (which then hangs) or it boots a bit but then tells me to restart (which I do) and after a restart I just keep coming back to the same "please restart your mac" screen.

Also, if the dvd is not in the drive, it won't boot at all (could it be because the bootloader is not on the drive yet?).

I'm also noticing that if I install and select the GUID bootloader, the install will fail however if I select the MBR bootloader, the install will succeed but after the restart I get the boot problems I mentioned above.

I have been messing with both GUID and MBR partitioning but neither is helping cure the problem as well.

Other than that the system and the installer seem to not complain much aside from me having to occasionally disconnect and plug back in either the USB keyboard or the USB mouse (it's like it forgets about the hardware).


Okay, so what should be done?

We will assume the drive is blank again and I have yet to even partition the drive.

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