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Network Activity from /mach_kernel


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below is a screenshot of some activity i noticed through Little Snitch's network monitor. i've never seen any network activity associated with the kernel before. is this a cause for concern? i've had this install going continuously for about 5 or 6 months, with LS for most of it.




10.5.2 Kalyway

Dell Inspiron 6400


i'm not going to upgrade or reinstall, so please don't suggest that. for the time being, i've blocked all network activity from the kernel. it doesn't seem to have affected my connections, as i'm still here on insanelymac.com and my irc's still up at #rubyonrails.


is it possible that those who've modified the kernels we use incorporated a phone-home functionality to gauge their install base? those addresses appear to be those of individuals. thoughts anyone?




can i have mod please move this to the Leopard forum?

i'm {censored}en stupid. please forgive me.

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