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Can't boot from DVD on my dell dimension 9200


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This is what i did:

Downloaded and burned iatkos v1.0ir2 with nero, I also burned windows vista boot DVD to a DVD(+r btw). Then I made the disk partition and it went perfect. I put the iatkos DVD in my CD-ROM and rebooted, pressed F12 and select "Onboard or USB CD-ROM driver" after maby 30 sec it syad "Selected boot device not available". Then I enterd the BIOS by pressing F2, under Boot Sequence it sayd:

1. Onboard or USB CD-ROM driver

2. Onboard or USB Floppy driver (not present)

3. Onboard SATA hard driver (not persent)

4. Intel ARRAY

Can any one help me boot from the disk?

It doesen't work whit Vista boot DVD either.

I searched the web fron 2 h yesterday and coulden't find any thing


My PC:

Windows Vista Home Premium

Dell Dimension 9200

Modell dimension DXP061

Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 2.40GHz



Any thing more you need to know?


Sorry for my bad english



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