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Backtrace terminated-invalid frame point 0x0


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hi to you all

first i had the Leopard version of the Kalyway disc, but my computer is too slow to run that thing, so i downloaded tiger.

I have a packard-bell desktop with 512 mb of ram

pentium 4 HT with 2.94 Ghz

SATA hard disk (but that isn't the problem)

and two network controllers (one built-in, another one PCI)

5.1 Realtek sound card


It seems that Tiger doesn't want to bite, because i get everytime this error after installing (with success):

0x108ff4 : 0x19c056 (a lot of numbers) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0x0

what do i have to do to fix this?

I tried already cpu=1 and -v in bootmenu, but doesn't work






ow, i'm sorry

i read just now i didn't may install ALL the packages for the tiger from kalyway

i will install it again

i'm sorry


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