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Boot-132 install for GA-EP45-DQ6


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Hi, i've recently bought a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6 board, i've read a lot about this board (vanilla install capabilities) and decided to move on but now i cannot install leo.


The threads about GA-EP45-DQ6 have instructions but none is noob-friendly, you know i don't want to disrespect to their work but each one refers to another therad in ahother thread and not one is completly step-by-step, i mean they are for pro-noobs ;)



I wanna make a vanilla install, with so called boot-132 method, but which kexts should i use, how to place them in iso.

I've read this, this, this and this topics but couldn't manage to boot even the boot-132 cd. (Actually it crashes when i try).


If anyone managed to make a vanilla install from scratch please share it here, step-by-step instructions if possible.


Thank you

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