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Unable to boot into 0sX

entranced boy

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I am new to hackintosh. First I was able to install and use kalyway 10.5.2 and it works on my old laptop, but I couldn't get QE to work. From researching the issue, QE works on tiger. So I decide to downgrade.


First I downloaded JAS 10.4.8 and installed it.Installation works, but I could not boot into OS X. So I figure I might had a bad downloaded copy of Jas. So I decided to download uphuck 10.4.9... I was able to install it, but still the same situation.


When I boot out after the bios boot menu.. I Get a black screen with just numbers .. below are the numbers:








Can anyone tell me what's wrong? My computer is a SSE2 computer. In the installation of both JAS and Uphuck, I did not see any SSE2 option...


I do not get any option to boot into safe mode (-x) or -v at all, after the bios screen it goes to that black screen with numbers.

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