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Is there any way to install OS X on usb external hard drive?

Adnan Khan

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I've tried searching on google and all other website but I couldn't find any answer of booting OSX 10.5.4 on usb external hard drive. I've boot from USB Floppy drive enabled(where usb floppy is used for all the external usb devices). I tried installing iatkios 4.0 from dvd while my usb hdd plugged in. The installation went off fine and It copied all the files into my external hdd. Then it asked for restart. I even put the USB floppy on first boot prioty on my bios. After restart the operating system couldn't be found. I don't know where am I doing wrong???

I searched online forums and there are topics for installing osx 10.5 on usb flash drive but no one mentioned about usb external hard drive. Is it like vista we cannot install on it?


Any help would be much appreciated. I don't want to swap my hard drives or install on my internal hard drive.



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