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Simcity 4 resolution problem :(


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So a few versions of cider back I ran simcity 4 (it ran fine when I first started it). I'm using a 24" 07 imac so I decided to change the resolution to 1600x1200 (which isn't the correct res for my screen but I thought I would see what it looked like) and this happened:


That's the region view, btw. I can't change any of the graphical settings because there are artifacts everywhere and no text and buttons missing etc. I've tried forcing the resolution (with command line switch in the library/preferences folder and adding to the .exe path in the info.plist file but adding to the exe makes the path invalid) but nothing works and every single version of cider I have tried, it always is like this now. Is there anyway to reset the settings, or properly force the resolution?

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