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Successful first boot in Safe mode

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Finally starting to get somewhere now! I had to reformat my computer more than once to finally get this to work, and darwin is not recognizing my ubuntu partition right now. I plan on using ubuntu as my primary boot partition anyway, so I'm hoping that if I reinstall ubuntu again, GRUB will take over as the boot manager and maybe even recognize my partitions without having to tweak the menu.lst


So anyway, I was finally able to boot into Mac OSX this morning. I kept on bootin to a white screen with some very scrambled graphics that would eventually fade into a dark grey bar just right of center on my screen. I'm assuming this is a graphics driver issue. So just on a hunch, I booted using "-x" and booted into safe mode. From there I successfully started my system. Everything works right now except for my sound.


I'm using iDeneb v.1.3 0SX 10.5.5, and after a couple of failed install attempts, I've figured out the little tricks that I needed to do to get it working. Most of which being in the "Customize" option available just before selecting install. I'm assuming I just installed the wrong audio driver (or kext, we even call them drivers in Linux) I selected the Realtek ACL97, because I seem to recall that being my driver, but apparently it isn't.


Everything else seems to work fine. Ethernet works out of the box, graphics are good, and it's running at a VERY fast functional speed.


Now to address the issue of no Ubuntu partition and set GRUB as the default boot loader!!!

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been trying to boot normally. I've booted without entering anything, and I've booted using "-v -f" but the result is the same. It boots normally up to the point where you would see the login screen, and then the screen turns black with a movable cursor.


problems I've identified so far the lack of normal boot, no sound card recognized, my atheros wifi card is not recognized, and when I boot into safe mode it won't keep my settings from the previous boot.


PLEASE HELP!!! I'm so close I can taste it, but I just need a little assistance.

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