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My first hackintoshs :)

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Hello everybody, ;)


I have some questions regarding two new configurations for hackintosh compatibility.



1/ EP45C-DS3R (combo DDR2/DDR3) EXACTLY the same that EP45-DS3R regarding compatibility ?


2/ No problem with a E5200 on a EP35-DS4 with Corsair XMS2 Kit 2x1GB PC6400 DDR2-800 CL4 (TWIN2X2048-6400C4) ? Probably working on Snow Leopard too (for the future) ?

CONFIG FOR SERVER (MAC OS SERVER), see all configuration in the attached file (PS : I already have an Hitachi HDD).


==> RAM is changed since the screenshot : Corsair now, Geil before.


3/ No problem with a Q6600 on a EP45-DS3R with G.Skill Kit 2x2GB PC8000 DDR2-1000 CL5 (F2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ) ? Probably working on Snow Leopard too (for the future) ?

CONFIG FOR WORKSTATION (MAC OS), see all configuration in the attached file (PS : I already have an Hitachi HDD, the Samsung 1To HDD added is for extra storage only, GTX260 only VESA 3.0 1680x1050 until Snow Leopard probably supports this one).


4/ JBOD (Just a Bundle Of Disks) can be do without problems on a EP35-DS4 ? On ALL 8 ports SATA AND 2 ports eSATA ?

Because, according to HCL 10.5.2, software RAID0/1 not works on this MOBO so what for JBOD (alias NRAID or Non-RAID but...) ?

"SATA & IDE: normal SATA works OOB, but not with software RAID0/1 (may have been my disks however). IDE untested."

=> He probably say "software RAID" to talk about RAID chipset (semi-software / semi-hardware), because I don't see why the full software RAID (AppleRAID) would not works if SATA is working but...


5/ The DVD-Writer Sony-Nec OptiArc AD-7200S can read and can BURN successfully with Toast (and other burn softs too) ?


6/ After hours on HCL, I can't decide me to chose a PCI Gigabit card.

What can you advice me for that ?

RTL8169 and RTL8169S seems to work OOB on a Leopard and with Realtekr1000.kext on a Tiger (without Jumbo Frames apparently :-( but...).

For RTL8169SC, I have read that on Leopard, it's recognize like RTL8169S so no problem, but what on Tiger ? I don't know... Just the message for the driver : "RTL8169 AND alternate forms"... but no posts from people saying "RTL8169SC worked on a JaS 10.4.8 installation" (the only release that seems to work on my old P4PE mobo).

I thought TrendNet TEG-PCITXR (RTL8169S apparently) but not available in the store where I will buy all. He can have this :

- TP-Link 1000 Mbit 32Bit PCI RealTek RTL8169SC chipset = 11.50 €

- Digitus Gigabit PCI Realtek = 12.50 €


So, can I go to the TP-Link model with RTL8169SC for a Tiger without driver problems ?

Or Digitus (probably RTL8169S) ? Or TrendNet with RTL8169S (not in this store so, but...) ? Or other good card (even with other chipset) ?

Maybe a model that works OOB in Tiger (JaS installation) AND (the dream) in Leopard for all releases (maybe with few exceptions) like JaS, ToH, etc.

Not NetGear GA311 because gigabit is not full-duplex, and not D-Link DGE-530T because the driver guy say that he don't have the time to add the jumbo frames support so...


SO, I would like a PCI Gigabit Card with technical points :

- gigabit full-duplex

- jumbo frames support (now or in the near future of revisions of driver)

- ideally, IEEE 802.1P and IEEE 802.1Q

- SNMP possible (v1 or newest)


and implement points :

- OOB in Leopard

- compatible Tiger (especially JaS Intel-AMD SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1&2 10.4.8 release)

- if possible, OOB in Tiger too, else with a GOOD driver



7/ No problem with keyboard (Wave) + mouse (MX1100) pack "Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro" ? With all buttons ? Available in the U.S. beginning in October and in Europe beginning in mid-November.


8/ No more information about the rumor of GTX260/280 driver in Snow Leopard ?



A BIG thanks in advance to all your responses, even little. Because I will buy in a few time. ;):(



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