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As all of you know, hunting down the exact drivers for your hardware is a very tedious, and sometimes impossible task. My goal is to create a tiny rescue-disk with all known kexts and patches utilizing the installer.


Ultimately, I would like to create/collaborate on some type of hardware identifier that can not only automagically install the required kexts for said devices, but give the software the ability to search repositories for up-to-date patches and software(including OS updates). Think of it as a 'Universal Installer'. Maybe once we get it off the ground, we could start bundling it with releases, making an almost fail-safe/n00b-friendly install.


That's my plan. I just hope some of the edlers here can find the time to consider it.



Thanks everyone.


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dnt think it will work there are to many variable's

first off there are many differend relases then there is even more differend hardware

al;l with there own ID's then there are drivers some only work with spesic kext files on spesific releases

its a good idea but there are to many variable's.

what is a good idea program that makes a snapshot of your perfect installation backs it up. now when you run that repair disk of yours it installes perfect installation files all your kext files and other systems importante stuff now that would be some thing great for us tinkerers

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I think pcwiz was doing a similar thing and integrating it into OSx86Tools.


It is a great idea - one alternative would be to have something like the current HCL with a list of compatible motherboards and the kext's that get them going, or even a .pkg for easy installation.


Still quite a lot of work really.

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