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OsiriX workstation - macbook pro ?

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i'm a medical student from germany. I'm doing resarch in the field of radiology.

In my working group lots of physicians use apple computers with Osirix (http://www.osirix-viewer.com/) as software. I'd like to work at home AND at my girlfriends home AND at the train AND ...

So I need a notebook. Since Osirix needs leopard as os i looked for a macbook pro.


But besides a fast CPU, big HDD, wide screen with an resolution of 1920 x 1200 i do need 8GB RAM

No I am surprized that there are only 4 GB RAM for the MBP available.


There are notebooks like the Toshiba Tecra, Dell M6300, HP ?, ... who support 8 GB when a 64-bit os is used.


So do you think Osx86 could work properly on a 8GB notebook?




btw, if it should work, i'm looking forward for your notebook recommendations.

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