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Lenovo X61


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Please Help me


Ive installed Ideneb latest Version on my Lenovo x61 Tablet


ich fixed checked

power managment checked

graphic card Intel 3100 checked


It installes fine


But after Reboot

The screen goes black, in the top left corner i can see the mouse arrow

I can move the mouse arrow but one arrow always stay in the corner the second one moves.

But the Screen is still black.


With the option -x on startup it still boots fine and i can use ideneb.


Pleas help me




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boot up into single user mode - f8 then type -s


mount -uw /

cd S*/L*/E*

mv -R AppleIntelG* /

rm -R Caches

cd /S*/L*

rm Extensions.mkext




you'll be running with Vesa video. THEN you can diagnose video problems...and install the right drivers.

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