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Mac OS changes screen brightness at boot time on Thinkpad T61


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The situation - I have installed Mac OS X Leo (Kalyway) on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 with the Integ 965GMA video card. Before I shut down Windoze, I set the power management to "Max Battery". After the restart, the screen is dimmed (low brightness), when I boot Mac OS it is still dimmed, until the gray screen is there. In the moment when the first blue screen of Mac OS comes (where you see the mouse for the first time in the upper-left corner) the brightness goes to max. So I am sure there is a process or a driver, which controls it. Is there anyway to see which process edits it? Or at least list the booting process somehow?


P.S.: if I start it in single-user mode, it doesn't change the brightness. So it's some kind of high-level process. The last thing I could see from the verbose screen (before it gets to the blue screen) is "IntelSpeedStep" ...

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