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[ALC888] No sound when using 'encoded digital audio' with taruga's drivers


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Hey people!


Firstly, mac made me fall in love with computers again, something windows has destroyed. But to not get too sentimental, I'll just post my issue :-)


I own an Acer 5920G laptop, with an ALC888 sound card. Works like a charm, but I also own a 5.1 set (Z-5500) and ofcourse, I didn't bought that for stereo only :D


I installed Taruga's drivers, so got almost everything working. Now I want to use my s/pdif connection to output encoded 5.1 sound to my system, but somehow it doesn't work. See the attachments for more details.


As you see, 5.1 is greyed out. There's no stereo sound either.


What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated! :D




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