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Hi all

just want to share something with all of you,something I would never believed if i did not experienced it myself...I have Mac G5, 2GB RAM,dual etc...up to date with all latest software...after endless attemts to upgrade my ipod(colour) and its content,restarting,erasing,formating,repearing it more than 4 hours and nothing happened-geting error message saying something like you either can write or receive anything on the device, I begun believing the days of the iPod were gone and thought to destroy it phisically, when an idea suddenly struck me:why not try it on my HP Pavilion laptop(windows XP Home edition).I even didn't have iTunes installed on it...so after the installation of iTunes,formating the iPod and try to put some songs (about 20 songs) everything went perfect....couldn't believe my eyes...got my flash memory device with 8 GB of MP3, videos and pictures and try to copy them directly to the iPod....EVERYTHING WENT AS IT SUPPOSED TO...No error messages, not a single hick or hack.In all my life I've been trusted Mac user(since 1991) but what I've faced simply can't explain...with Mac G5 and iPod from Apple I couldn't make something I did with ...waw...HP Pavilion and Windows XP operating system :D

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