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GParted Live 0.3.9-4 Released

Kane Adams

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The GParted Live CD team announced last night the immediate availability of GParted Live CD 0.3.9-4, a Linux distribution based on the popular GNOME Partition Editor (GParted) software. Being based on the latest build (10-01-2008) of Debian Lenny, the new version brings an updated GParted, an updated kernel, 3 new boot options and a handful of improvements.


Let's take a quick look at the changes of GParted Live CD 0.3.9-4:



· Linux kernel 2.6.26-5;

· GParted 0.3.9;

· Debian Lenny based;

· Addition of the hfsprogs package (Thanks to Curtis Gedak);

· Three new boot parameters were added: gl_kbd, gl_lang, and gl_batch. The first one can be used if you don't want any changes to your keyboard, the second one to change the language/locales, and the third one to force the Live CD to enter the X session without waiting for entering key. Here's a little example of use: "gl_lang=en_US gl_kbd=NONE gl_batch"; with this command you will tell it to use en_US.UTF-8 locale, don't change the keyboard mapping, and with gl_batch don't wait for entering key before the X session;

· At boot time, the framebuffer was set to VGA 1024x768;

· The desktop USB icon was removed, because it didn't fit the way USB flash drive was created;

· live-initramfs 1.139.1 was updated;

· PXE booting supports the fetch=tftp://$IP/filesystem.squashfs function.


GParted supports the following filesystems:


· ext2 (requires e2fsprogs)

· ext3 (requires e2fsprogs)

· fat16 (requires dosfstools)

· fat32 (requires dosfstools)

· hfs (requires hfsutils)

· hfs

· jfs (requires jfsutils)

· linux-swap (requires mkswap (part of util-linux) )

· ntfs (requires ntfsprogs)

· reiserfs (requires reiserfsprogs)

· reiser4

· ufs

· xfs


Download GParted Live CD 0.3.9-4 right now from Softpedia.



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