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Fan of non supporting graphic card

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Hello everybody !


As a macuser i'm planning to buy a pc for gaming. So i need better performance and windows for sure.

But when you don't play, macosX is better no ? So i still want to use macosX and have a good machine. No matter if it is not the best, just want a functionnal machine for everyday life (photoshop, internet, itunes etc...)


This way I test one year ago with a 7950GX2 graphic card and it was totally unusable because of fan speed noise all the time : there was at max all the time.

I read that the 4870 from ATI is not supported on MacOsX, but what it really means ? If I can have my 1680x1050 and no noise from graphic card fan is ok for me. Even with no support all application work fine except games, isn't it ?


I would also be please to have the best OOB motherboard for an intel 8400... Gigabyte DS3R or Asus P5QE you think ?


Thanks for your advice !

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