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Kalyway Leopard - I need step by step help.


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I'll give, to the best of my ability, what my situation is and what i have. I'm not exactly a noob but then i'm not exactly advanced in OSX86 matters either.


First of all, i have a Sony VGN-A290 laptop (512MB, 100GB HD) and Kalyway 10.5 Leopard.


I've been fooling around, sorta in the dark, because no circumstances (that i've seen) were exactly what i was dealing with so, last night, i said "oh what the heck" and just punched in a few things and it booted up and was working. Well, according to something i read somewhere i installed it with something missing and i tried a reinstall and, low and behold, it won't work anymore.


I've been through endless "how to" posts and videos (with horrid resolution so fuzzy it's impossible to see how people are doing it) and i've NEVER (as in not ever) seen a post that says "when you go to customize, you pick this, this, this, and that" on the level that would help me get this thing installed back.


Ever since the reinstall, i get to the reboot and, after a minute or so, i get this graphic "white out" where it all fades into this white screen with some dark spots. It's really odd and annoying too. I know there's nothing physically wrong with the machine as i've installed XP back on it, several times and it operates great.


What i "thought" i had done was install with the SSE2 patch, intel graphics selection and nothing else but, apparently, i missed a step here and there. I may have booted into -v -s mode during the install...i just don't remember.


I was doing this at work and had a lot of distractions.


So, what i would just be in something close to extreme gratitude is if someone who's worked with a laptop that's similar to a Sony VGN-a290 (1.6ghz, Centrino Processor, ATI Radeon 9700 mobility). If anyone has seen this Sony, they know the BIOS just SUCKS, it has NO real detailed selections so i had to just wing it and hope that it worked well.


If anyone has seen a "clean" install tutorial or knows, step by step, where to start and what to pick (in customize), i would just bow down to their superior intellect as in i am just stumped.


In somewhat nerdy-zeppelin terms, "i been fazed and diffused for so long it's not true"!



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