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new to the os x project....questions


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i decided to join the forum to get tips and info and share my experiences in doing this for the first time. i used the os x 86 downloads area to download the iATKOS v4i package in 2 parts and am about to begin the install process, but i wanted to check here and find others with similar configuration to mine, so that i can get tips on what hardware works after the install, and where to get updates & patches for the remaining hardware which doesn't work.


here's my hardware configuration:


XPS M1730

T9300 processor

4GB ram

dual 8700M GT SLI (512mb)

Sigmatel Audio

Tsst Corp DVD drive

bluetooth/intel AGN wifi

Phys-X card built-in

Dual 320GB hdd in raid 0 (640GB)


i'm trying to locate a good guide on how to do this proceedure on my system, there are many out there, but if anyone can point me to a solid install proceedure that works good with iATKOS v4i, i would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance.

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