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Best Installation Method For My Hardware (is it even possible?)


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I recently bought a Vostro 1400 from Dell, and would like to install Some form of OSx86 Leopard on it. However, with the vast number of installation procedures (that seem to be entirely based on computer specifications) I want to make sure I get this right the first time to avoid bricking something. I currently have Ubuntu 8.04 installed, and would like to dual boot it with OSx86. While I imagine the partitioning process will be fairly easy, I figure it can't hurt to mention it (I'd also like to keep GRUB if at all possible). That said, any info on how I should go about installing Leopard on my machine would be great. Thanks.


I bought my laptop from the Dell outlet which, unfortunately, did not reveal much about my computer's hardware, so I will supplement my long lshw output (attachment) with what little I know for sure.


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5670

Wireless: BCM4328

Ethernet: BCM5906M

LIKELY Intel graphics of some sort

LIKELY Intel motherboard of some sort (actually...I'm rather certain)



Thanks again.


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