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Wifi, QE and ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Help needed

entranced boy

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Ok i have been researching on how to get QE on my Inspiron 8600 wit ATI Radeon 9600 card. I have tried a few things that I have found on this form. So far I have no luck with it. Sometimes it messed up the whole OS where I have to reinstalled OS X (using Kalyway).


So I have been following the tread below, so far I got it to my video card, but so far no luck with the QE. I am using Callisito 003 fixed as many treads that specify my laptop model and no luck.





If anyone have any suggestions on getting QE on my laptop, that would be great!!!



Besides the video card, I can't seem to get my dell truemobile wifi (internal) card to work. Any ideas on that also




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