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Please help with Kalyway - Latest Verison Thinkpad Z61p


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I am new here, so please bear with me.


I have a Thinkpad Z61p that has the ATI F/GL 5200


Here is my problem(s)


1. Battery Meter not showing up, how do I remedy this?

2. If I close the screen and open it, the display is corrupted and unreadable, if I put the system to sleep it wont wake


* I have NOT messed with any of the KEXT files


3. On the wiki, it says Kalyway, for the Z61p supports QUARTZ EXTREME but if I look at the system profile it says not supported.


Any help appreciated, if there are direct links to this specific machine, as the other Z series are a little different, I would appreciate it.



4. What kernel should I load for this system, many choices and I am not sure which.


Please help

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