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Calibration for USB Dual Digitizer Tablets

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I figured I'd spin this out into its own topic, since this affects quite a few tablets. Thanks to the work of Scott Lahteine, those of us with serial-based TabletPCs now have full tablet support in OS X, with Ink and pressure sensitivity. The few tablets out there that have a single USB digitizer work well with the drivers on Wacom's site, or using TouchKit.


I bought a Gateway C-5815, which is the same as the C-120x and a couple other Gateway/MPC laptops. It, like the HP TX2000 series, has two digitizers, an active and a passive digitizer, connected via USB. This means it responds to both touch and pen. This also means that none of the existing driver sets for Mac OS X support it. You can boot into OS X, and you can touch the screen, but it's not calibrated, and once the pen hits the screen, it doesn't report real time coordinates. Lame.


The laptop is great without the tablet, but it sucks having functionality you can't use. :thumbsup_anim: I started this thread so we can track progress on getting these things to work. All I have so far is an application that detects and enumerates the HID device, but I haven't gone much further than that. I was hoping someone has a contact at Wacom, or may have stumbled upon a driver set from someone else that may work.

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