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Here from my own experience:


1) If you want to start with OSX, go first to a new HD and make a fresh MAC partition using the installation CD.


I made zillions of attempts with OSX as a second or third partition, some booted, some not.

Those who booted were missing all important dirvers.


Recently, i decided to dedicate a whole HD to OSX (Jas 10.4.8.) and made a fresh install erasing the HD and formatting it to OSX only.


To my great surprise it booted and had everything, (sound, network, video) out of the box, without any need to tamper with kexts!


So if you can, use an own drive to OSX (with a mac boot record) you will maximize your chances to get it running the easy way!.


2) If you want to tamper with KEXTs, take the easy way: get first Kext Helper (on an USB drive if you have not yet a network.

Copy your KEXT twice to the desktop (to have a backup), edit it with mac editor, save, drag the edited file onto Kext helper, pray and reboot.


No more need to tamper with nano on the console (we have entered the 21th century) or with authorizations, repairs and other low level stuff.

Edit, drag, reboot, that's it!


3) You can boot OSX 10.4.x from an USB drive*, but cannot install to it. You can with 10.5.x.

Attach the drive to your computer directly, install, reboot, evtl .fix the drivers.

Then you can put the drive an USB case, set the BIOS to boot first from USB, and enjoy OSX (tested with Leopard and with Tiger) whenever that USB drive is plugged in.


That is much easier than partitionning and tampering with MBR's, Lilos or Grubs, which may lead to loop reboots, drivers not recognized and a lot if trouble.


*if your BIOS allows to boot from USB.


I hope that could help others...



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