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Internet slow after upgrade to 10.5.5


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The problem

Using a P5B deluxe, upgraded using the standard update to 10.5.5. After that, my internet ceased to work. I read somewhere in the forum that the 10.5.5 update deltes Yukon.kext from IONetworkingFamily.kext. So I reinstalled the backed up kext.


The internet now works, but is very slow, especially on downloads. Any suggestions would be great. Adittional information below.


Additional information

Connecting through LAN port 1.

Online speed test shows full speed.

The networking section of system preferences shows 4 networking ports when the P5B deluxe has only two.

I have only onboard ports, no additional NICs.

Using Kalyway 10.5.1. Upgraded to 10.5.2 using Kalyway combo, to 10.5.3 using Kalyway combo, to 10.5.4 with Apple combo, to 10.5.5 with Apple combo.



Thanks again!

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