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Installed Ideneb v1.1 10.5.4 and it won't boot.


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My specs of my computer:


AMD 64 Phemon 9600 processor

8800 GS

4gb ddr2

2 HDD ( one sata and the other is pata)

Sata DVDrw drive

Pata DVD rom Drive ( slow reading)



I finally completed installing IDeneb v1.1 10.5.4 OSX but having problem during boot. When I have to restart my computer and I removed the disc from the dvd rom drive ( so I won't have to load the disc again because I don't see the option in loading Leopard Drive ) and press enter F8 and -v in the Darwin bootscreen, while loading the Drive "Leopard" name, it show that regular message of loading it but suddenly it just reboot the computer. Could anyone help me with this problem?


I tired removing a 2 gb ddr2 stick because I heard that there is some type of problem that 4 gb memory crash the computer and restart it but it still reboot when there is one memory stick.

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