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M-FAST TRACK ULTRA USB 2.0 maybe other USB or M-AUDIO cards


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in PM a user ask me how fix this common problem with usb 2.0 audio dispositives.


These things, fixs or tricks are very simple i dont understand how Maudio guys dont tell us, in the support page, in the forum or in Drivers Manual Troubleshooting section. 





Mac Os Problem

Mac (Leopard 10.5.x) 

The problem is: Sometimes mixer and apps dont view, find or recognize the box/card 

In the mixer we read the know and poor message ´´ the panel not estabilish, reinstall blah, blah ... 

Maybe restart x number of times, cross finger, pray, learn hardware design or read about quantum physics etc


Off the Fast Track Ultra or other Box, card...

In a Terminal window

Type the next lines (one command and argument one enter)

sudo -s 


(prompt for your user password) 


cd /System/Library/Extensions


kextload M-AudioFastTrackUltra.kext


Turn On and voila¡¡¡¡¡¡ 


You maybe make a simple script/Bash




Apologies if this is trick confusing, I'm not a nerd

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