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Help with install failure ...


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Ok in brief, I made a USB installer from my leo4all disk and to make it bootable, installed chameleon 1.0.11 on it, boots fine and installs. When I restart, I open my BIOS boot menu and pick the drive I installed to, and it says:


bootMBR: done

boot0: done


and then just hangs ... any ideas?

I have checked that the partition is active, and for ha ha's booted from the USB installer image and selected rd=diskXsX to bypass the bootloaded, this results in a kernel panic EVERYTIME, and results in the same when selecting my working OSX partition.


I am working on a guide so i need to get this resolved.




EDIT: possibly solved, redid the secondary drive as GUID and it seems to be working now! will get back to you all after more testing!

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