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Hi everyone! ^_^

I'm new here, even though I've been reading this forum for awhile without posting, so first of all let me say that you're doing really an awesome job here. Congrats and keep it up!


So, moving on to the reason of my post, I'm here to ask you a little advice on a notebook I plan to buy in the next few weeks.

I'm a mechanical engineering student and I will need to use the notebook for running some design and computational software, primarily. I'm also an amateur photographer, particularly interested in motorports events, and I'd like to be able to do some post-production on the field if needed. Last but not least, I'd want to make a dual boot system, with XP or Vista and more importantly Leopard, since I'm really attracted by the Mac world, but I never had the opportunity to actually try it.

So in the end my question is: is there a notebook that I will be able to use for my windows-based work (the engineering-related software runs almost exclusively on win) but on which it will be easy to install Leopard and have the closest thing to a fully-functional installation possible?


Thanks to everyone that will help me

Have a nice day! :thumbsup_anim:

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Thanks for the advices, unfortunately I can't afford a MacBook Pro but I will look for the Dell Vostro more in detail.

@mercurysquad: well my post-production basically is about doing some cropping and if I need to make some deeper adjustments I usually do it inside the car, or someplace where I can get a sun-free screen :)

Again, thanks

See ya

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