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All installed, but can't get past bootloader


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Help! I've installed Iatros v4i installed but I can't get it to boot. I have a Vista machine and I've added Leo to a new partition on the disk, leaving it as MBR and repairing the Vista bootloader using the repair disk. I then added CHAIN0 and made an entry in the Vista bootloader. Now when I boot I get the choice of Vista or Leopard, and when I select Leopard I get the Apple bootloader, but can go no further. It finds 4 partitions, of which Leo is the last one, but when I select it and hit enter, nothing happens. It seems to fail straight away and return to the 4 partition options.


I tried using GParted to set Leo partition to boot, and I got exactly the same symptom, just without the Vista bootloader stage.


The disk looks like this:


1. FAT32 Recovery partition

2. ACER Vista Partition

3. DATA Partition (NTFS)

4. Leopard.


When I installed it all seemed to go fine. I created a 20GB unformatted partition in Vista and erased it with "journalled extended" in the Leo util. In line with recommendations for my hardware I selected the following install options.


Darwin EFI emu boot for MBR

stock kernel

ACPIP stock


Intel gfx


The machine is an ACER Travelmate 5720 laptop, Core2Duo, Intel965. I wasn't expecting everyhting to work, but something odd about not getting past the bootloader.


Can anyone help, I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and can't find a solution.





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