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Leopard on a Thinkpad x200


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I am new to hackintosh's so on my second try I got Leopard installed on my new x200 with iATKOS 4i. To my surprise the integrated webcam worked during the initial setup and I was able to take a picture of myself with it. Then the webcam refused to work in photobooth because of "unsupported video card". Bluetooth and USB works out of the box too. I still need to install kext's for audio, wifi, ethernet, and graphics, but I don't think there are any because this laptop is so new. If anyone knows of kext's for the following components please reply.



Intel 82567 LM Gigabit

Intel WiFi 5300 ABGN

Intel Integrated X4500 Graphics

Conexant HD SmartAudio 221


My priority is to get ethernet working, then do something about the graphics resolution(1024x768, should be 1280x800). I'll keep working on it and post back if I make anymore progress.

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Hi. Simon,

I've got a similar hardware - only x200s, SL9400 and hsdpa but otherwise like your sys.

PLEASE get in touch to exchange ideas... i'm trying to get the vanilla using 132 running, ideally from a 16gb usbstick or 120gb usbdrive.

best regards,


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Hey, I also have a new Thinkpad (T400). I have the sound and the pci bridge working...I think. In case you haven't noticed, cards don't seem to work. If you do a search for "iopccardfamily" I'm sure you'll find the forum that deals with that problem. The sound was fixed with just using the right hacked release. I used the Kalyway 10.5.2 release, and it works better than the others that I have tried. As for the video card...good luck. After searching and searching, it seems as though everyone has given up hope on those newer intel cards. The only drivers that exist for intel are the GMA 900's. It might be easier to get a pcie card that has mac support. There isn't a release for either the wireless or the ethernet cards, to my knowledge. I have the Intel 82567LM ethernet and the Intel 5100 wireless. But there are other ways to get internet, I used bluetooth and a phone to get updates. I felt pretty cool :)


Thinkpad T400

Intel® Core 2 Duo T9400

4 gb RAM 1066

Intel® 5100 agn

Intel® 82567LM


Um....so I was wrong, I'm online right now. I found a kext for my ethernet controller today. Search for Intel 82566mm. That kext works great!

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I give up on the vanilla (for now). i got the leo installer to start loading and even got the funky new leo desktop loaded but never got past the spinning beachball to the inital setup screen.


I'm going to try the kalyway but pretty much a noob so let's see if i can get this to fly at all. urgh, why doesn't apple just give in and release a $300 version for non-californian hardware... my first goal is to install onto a 16gb usb stick to see how it goes...


can i get someone to swing by and help me out? just kidding. well, not really.



sl9400 1.86ghz

4gb ram



1200x800 lcd

xbase dvd burner

retail osx

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