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Up and Running, down to the last few tweaks


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Hi, all. Well, it's been a fun project. And mission accomplished. No more Windows updates, spyware, viruses, IE hangs and all the rest. I've been vigilant and resourceful, trying not to bother anyone with a newb post, read forums and guides, bought some of the gear in my sig, went through many installs over the course of 5 days, and finally...


I'm up and stable on 10.5.4. using PCwiz's guide and Kalyway 10.5.2.


However....  ;)


If I could get some of you experts to ring in and help me through the last few fixes, so I don't do anything to bork this once again, that would rule.


First off, I have set my partition as active in terminal, and no longer have to keep the DVD in the drive, but the only way to get up is to F8 and type update -v.  Verbose command alone does nothing. It goes in a loop.


When I do this, I see a yellow error that unable to ... what is it? I forgot... the PCGENUSBEHCI.  Actually, I think it says conflict of ownership.


Let's start there. Thanks in advance. 


Sys profile saved to text and attached.


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