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Darwin not booting WinXP after re-partitioning drive

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So I get OSX 10.5.2 Kalyway w/vanilla kernel working just fine and dandy on my ASUS F3SV, and I think to myself "Hey, this OSX partition needs to be larger." So I fire up Acronis from a boot disk and kill all the partitions after my OSX part (before killing parts to make free space, I had a hidden part that was a copy of my XP OS part). I also shrank my XP data/progs part to make even more room. My drive is now arranged as follows:


WinXP OS (P)| WinXP Cache (L)| WinXP Progs and Data (L)| OSX (P)| Free space at end of drive


So, I've got WinXP installed on the first primary part, then two logical parts inside an extended part for my XP cache and data, then OSX on a primary part.


The drive originally only had XP on it, then I added OSX and made the OSX part active so that I could use the Darwin bootloader and avoid that chain0 business. Darwin was working fine, and could see all my parts. I had like five parts displayed at the bootloader screen. After Acronis' work, I only get three options: WinXP OS, OSX, and WinXP progs/data. OSX can't see my WinXP cache part, and WinXP says that my cache part is not formatted. In Acronis, I see 3-4MB of free space between my XP and cache parts where there used to be none, and Acronis says that the file system of my cache part is corrupt.


Darwin will now only boot OSX. If I try to boot from any XP partition, even the one that has the OS on it, all that will happen is that a slash (/) will appear at the bottom of the bootloader screen and then the system hangs. OSX boots like nothing's amiss. I can boot from XP, but only by firing up Acronis and setting my XP part active.


I suspect that Acronis simply borked my MBR. How do I go about restoring the MBR and Darwin to a state from which it can boot both OSes again? Thanks in advance.

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